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Amazing Rubber Products Private Limited was started with the vision of providing the global healthcare sector with the best disposable medical gloves which will act as a fool-proof protection from cross contamination for medical professionals and the patients alike. In this mission, through the hard work in the last few years Amazing Rubber Products has registered progress in leaps and bounds with our dedication and hard work in ensuring excellent quality and standard of our products which no competitor can match. On every step that we treaded on this path, utmost care has been given to achieve our objectives. From the very beginning our main focus was on quality of our products to achieve which we have been taking enough measures to achieve top-of-the-range good manufacturing practice.

Out of concern about global warming, which poses a grave threat to our planet, we try our level best to use eco-friendly feedstock and follow an environment-friendly production process in our factory. Towards achieving this end we use natural rubber latex as a sustainable raw material and have embraced natural gas to power our production line. Thus, by contributing our bit in reducing the global carbon foot print, we vouch for promoting a green future and an eco-friendly production process.

This helped us make a steady progress in the path to excellence in disposable medical gloves manufacturing. Owing to the strenuous efforts, Amazing Rubber Products could achieve all major global accreditations such as USFDA, CE, ISO, etc in a short span of our operations. Now our products are being sold like hot cakes across the world.

Ever since its inception in 2017, Amazing Rubber Products has been adding new products into its portfolio to cater to the wide range of demand from the healthcare sector as specialization in the sector grows on a daily basis. Our newest addition is customized chemotherapy gloves.

Mr. Georgekutty Manuel, founder of Amazing Rubber Products, has decades of experience under his belt in different aspects and applications of natural rubber latex. Rubber industry is something which is in his DNA as he learned the basics of natural rubber latex from his father who had been a highly experienced and respected planter in his native place, Palai in Kottayam district, Kerala. Mr. Georgekutty was not ready to be satisfied as a planter as he had some novel ideas and a strong vision to add value to the cash crop. After gathering enough experience in the rubber plantation field, he joined a major latex centrifuging factory as an employee where he could quickly climb the rungs of the hierarchy ladder to be in the top management team.

Once he was confident enough that he had acquired ample know-how about rubber industry,he decided to take a huge plunge. He started his entrepreneurship career in value added natural rubber latex with investing in a disposable medical gloves manufacturing factory. He joined hands with two of his friends and founded Safecare Rubber Products in the Cochin Special Economic Zone, Kakkanad, Cochin, in 2005. Since then there was no turning back. Mr. Georgekutty kept on investing in the field and now he is the proud founder of Amazing Rubber Products Private Limited, Amazing Gloves Private Limited, Rubbo Queen HealthcarePrivate Limited, Unik Surgicals, Amazing Medical Disposables Private Limited, Amazing Latex Processors Private Limited etc. With his hard work and dedication, he carved a niche for himself in the natural latex industry and has become a name to reckon with in the industry.


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Disposable medical gloves are an integral part of the healthcare sector as they provide primary protection from cross contamination for both healthcare professionals and patients. We at Amazing Rubber Products strive to aid the health sector’s efforts to provide the best care. We aim to build a world where both people and products that they handle enjoy maximum protection against the risks to which they are exposed. With a team of highly talented and constantly trained personnel, most modern production line and laboratories, I assure the best product available in the industry. With an array of global accreditations such as USFDA, CE, ISO etc, each glove leaving our factory vouches for the excellence in quality. Our presence across the world itself is a quality guarantee. Amazing Rubber Products will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to provide the best-in-class disposable medical gloves.


- Georgekutty Manuel

  Managing Director,

  Amazing Rubber Products Pvt Ltd.


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These brands under the Amazing Gloves umbrella represent a legacy of quality, innovation, and expertise in the healthcare industry. Each brand reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence and safety, offering a wide range of medical gloves and healthcare solutions to meet your unique needs. Trust in our brands for superior protection and performance.



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We hold prestigious global accreditations including USFDA, CE, and ISO, reaffirming our commitment to delivering the highest quality disposable medical gloves to healthcare professionals worldwide. These certifications reflect our unwavering dedication to excellence and compliance, ensuring that our products meet the most stringent international standards for safety and effectiveness. Your trust in our certified products is our greatest achievement.

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