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Biggest Supplier of Latex Surgical Sterile Powder Free Gloves 

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Latex Surgical Gloves

Powder Free(Polymer Coated),Sterile,Disposable

Amazing Gloves’ Latex Surgical Gloves (Powder-Free) are meticulously designed to provide optimal protection and comfort during surgical procedures. Crafted from high-quality natural rubber latex, these gloves ensure a perfect balance between durability and tactile sensitivity, making them an ideal choice for healthcare professionals.


Product Sizes: 5½ | 6 | 6½ | 7 | 7½ | 8 | 8½ | 9 inches

Key Features:

Powder-Free Design: Our latex surgical gloves are free from powder, reducing the risk of powder-related complications such as granulomas, adhesions, and occupational asthma. This design ensures a cleaner, safer working environment.

Superior Comfort and Fit: The gloves stretch and conform to the contours of your hand, providing a secure fit that stays comfortably in place. This ergonomic design minimizes hand fatigue during prolonged procedures.


Enhanced Sensitivity: With a micro-textured surface, our gloves offer excellent grip and tactile sensitivity, allowing for precise handling of surgical instruments and delicate tissues.


Low Allergenicity: Extensive leaching processes remove excess proteins and chemicals, significantly reducing the risk of latex allergies (Type I). The gloves contain no more than 50μg of protein per gram, ensuring excellent skin compatibility.


Chemical Resistance: The polymer coating on the gloves enhances their resistance to various chemicals, ensuring protection in a wide range of surgical environments.

Sterilized and Safe: Each pair of gloves is sterilized through a validated process cycle, achieving a sterility assurance level of 10^-6. Air wash cycles reduce sterilant residue to less than 4mg/unit, ensuring safety for both the user and the patient.

Quality Assurance:

100% Inspected: Each glove undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure it meets our high standards.


Viral Penetration Test: Passes the ASTM F1671:2013 test for viral penetration, ensuring maximum protection.

AQL 0.65 for Pinholes: Maintains a high level of quality control with an Acceptable Quality Level of 0.65 for pinholes.

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