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Biggest Supplier of Latex Gynecological Gloves 

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Latex Gynecological Gloves

Powder-Free, Sterile, Disposable

Discover the Superiority of Amazing Gloves' Latex Gynecological Gloves (Powder-Free)Meticulously engineered to elevate safety and performance in obstetrics and gynecology procedures, Amazing Gloves' Latex Gynecological Gloves (Powder-Free) set a new standard in quality and efficacy. These specialized medical gloves offer enhanced protection and reliability, ensuring optimal safety for both healthcare professionals and patients.


Product Sizes: 6.5 | 7 | 7.5 | 8 | Medium | Large | Extra Large 

Length: 300mm | 350mm | 400mm | 450mm 

Key Features:

Extended Length: Amazing Gloves' Latex Gynecological Gloves boast an extended elbow-length design, surpassing standard examination gloves to provide comprehensive protection against splashes and fluid infiltration during procedures.

Enhanced Strength: Crafted from thicker latex material, these gloves offer superior strength and puncture resistance, minimizing the risk of tears or breaches during delicate procedures.

Powder-Free Safety: Our powder-free gloves eliminate the risks associated with powder, preventing granulomas, adhesions, and contamination, ensuring a cleaner and safer clinical environment.

Sterilization: Each pair of gloves undergoes rigorous sterilization to maintain aseptic conditions, guaranteeing utmost hygiene and safety in clinical settings.

Latex Allergy Reduction: Our extensive leaching process removes excessive proteins and chemicals, significantly reducing the risk of latex allergies (Type I) while ensuring excellent skin compatibility.

Standards and Certifications:

Compliance with EN 455: Our Latex Gynecological Gloves adhere to the stringent requirements outlined in EN 455, encompassing specifications for physical properties, safety, performance, and quality management system requirements for manufacturers.​

Adherence to ASTM D 3577: Aligning with the ASTM D 3577 standard, these gloves meet the specifications for surgical gloves, ensuring suitability for their intended use in gynecological procedures.

Certifications: CE Marking: Our gloves bear the CE Marking, signifying compliance with relevant European directives and regulatory standards, allowing distribution within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Additional Considerations:

ISO 13485: ISO 13485: While not a direct certification for the gloves, our adherence to ISO 13485 reflects our commitment to maintaining robust quality management systems, ensuring consistency and reliability in our products.Finding Compliant Gloves: Look for these standards and certifications on our packaging or inquire directly with us. As a reputable glove manufacturer, we prioritize compliance with industry standards to ensure the highest quality and safety for our customers.

Remember: At Amazing Gloves, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction. Our Latex Gynecological Gloves (Powder-Free) are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, providing peace of mind for medical professionals and patients alike. For specific needs within your healthcare facility, consult with our experts to find the most suitable gloves for your procedures.

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